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No Tricks (and at least one Treat!)

First up, let me wish you a Happy Halloween!

• Are you interested in making your computer run as fast as it did when it was new?

Okay.. I admit, that was kind of a ‘trick question’. It seems every single human on the planet is looking for some magic answer to the at fact that their computer has gotten slower and slower. (Maybe.. taking all morning just to start up.)

I have said here many times that the reason your computer was as “fast” as it was when it was new is because there was basically nothing on it. (It was “lean and mean”) Now you have installed anywhere from 27 to 270 programs; 1,214 “updates”; amassed 500 songs and movies.. have Skype running.. online backup..
Of course it’s slower: it has more to do and keep track of.

Fortunately there are things you can do and steps you can take to improve your computer’s performance. (We Über Geeks call this “maintenance”.) Some are easy, some are free, and some are free and easy — keep reading! (yes.. there’s a treat coming..)

Step 1 is to open your Control Panel, go to Programs and Features, and uninstall every program you recognize and realize you never use anymore (if you do not recognize it, leave it be .. or research it).

That’s the most important thing to do, but there’s more – much more you can do.

Free: Windows comes with the tools (we Über Geeks call these “utilities”) you need (Windows 7 users have many of these enabled already [by default]). Please see, Revitalize Your PC With Windows’ Utilities

Free And Easier: I have found that a few people prefer to download some “optimizer” and do all their “maintenance” with a single click. Fortunately for these folks, there’s a gazillion of these out there. But of these, I recommend the (free) Glary Utilities, or the (free) Advanced SystemCare.

Easiest: The easiest method for keeping your computer “running like new” is a paid, “always running” tune up program — and again, there’s a gazillion of these out there. These programs run in the background, and do all your maintenance work for you. Surprise! I have a reco on this type as well!

Some time ago now, I reviewed (and had a very popular license giveaway) TuneUp Utilities 2010, an award winning tune up program (see my review, here). I have had this running on one of my machines ever since.

Now there’s the brand-new TuneUp Utilities™ 2012! Which includes two new features.

The Most Powerful TuneUp Utilities of All Time!

  • Boosts PC speed by up to 50%, all thanks to Program Deactivator 2012
  • Extends battery life with an all-new TuneUp Economy Mode
  • Saves power by up to 30% and upgrades PCs with an enhanced power management
  • over 30 tools in 1: more speed, better stability, less problems

I received a copy and have been running TU2012 for about a week now, and I have to say I agree with this reviewer’s article, which includes screenshots (and referring you is easier than typing!). And again, my original review is here. TU2012 retails for $50, and a license can be used on 3 machines.

Finally! A Treat! I happen to have an extra license (thank you, TuneUp Utilities!) which I am going to give away to a lucky reader, this week, by means of a random drawing. Residents of the US and Canada only may enter the contest drawing by simply by leaving a comment – click on “comment” (below), and enter a name and a valid e-mail (so I can send you the license key) in the form. Actually commenting is optional. And, I shouldn’t have to say this, but multiple entries will result in disqualification.
Again, the license can be used on up to three PC’s.

Also again, I thank the folks at TuneUp Utilities for making this giveaway possible. A 15-day free trial of TuneUp Utilities can be downloaded here. Try it out yourself. (And then leave a comment. You may just win an activation key..)

*** More Treats ***

BDLot is having a Halloween Sale on their DVD Clone Ultimate and DVD Ripper titles. Act now and save, details here.

• Remember my review of Genie Timeline? You can take advantage of a special 50% off savings here (and, if you like, my review is here).

Today’s quote: “When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween.
~ Unknown

Copyright 2007-2011 © “Tech Paul” (Paul Eckstrom). All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Tuneup Utilities 2012 is a great program and sure would like to enter for this license giveaway.

    Comment by Mike M (@mrm528581) | October 31, 2011

    • Mike M, is not an email I can consider valid (as I don’t Twitter, so I get “Delivery failure”). Please resubmit with a ‘normal’ email.

      Comment by techpaul | October 31, 2011

    • replied and thanks for the notice.

      Comment by Mike M | October 31, 2011

      • Got it.

        Comment by techpaul | October 31, 2011

  2. I absolutely love Tuneup Utilities. Currently I am using a 2 year old version that still works quite well, but I would really love to be able to upgrade to the 2012 version. Please enter me in this contest.

    Comment by JIm King | October 31, 2011

    • Jim King,
      I did not appreciate the link you put in, and is not an email I can consider valid (as I don’t Twitter, so I get “Delivery failure”).

      But if you’d like to resubmit with a normal email address, I will enter you — just leave out adult stuff, please.

      Comment by techpaul | October 31, 2011

  3. Would love to win the license. Good programs are the best to keep.

    Comment by themanretired | October 31, 2011

  4. themanretired,
    You are entered. Good luck!

    Comment by techpaul | October 31, 2011

  5. I have Win Utilities from GOTD. So I will pass and up the chances for others.

    Happy Halloween to everyone. I know I posted a few Halloween videos yesterday on Sunday’s Beauty page. But I saved the scariest for today. How about some Shat!

    William Shatner – Bohemian Rhapsody [Official Music Video] – YouTube

    It even says “HAPPY HALLOWEEN” in the info. LOL!

    Comment by delenn13 | October 31, 2011

    • delenn13,
      I never saw that one before.. thanks!

      (I think I prefer the Wayne’s World version, but, hey.. that was fun too.)

      Comment by techpaul | October 31, 2011

      • It’s brand new. It’s from his new album called “Seeking Major Tom”. The man is 80 and still going strong. I gotta find a copy of his new documentary…..”The Captains”…. with all the Captains of Star Trek shows.(that just came out too)

        William Shatner seeks Major Tom with album of space jams (Wired UK)

        Comment by delenn13 | October 31, 2011

        • delenn13,
          There is a line in “Weird Al” Yankovic – White & Nerdy that goes something like.. “Do I like Kirk, or do I like Picard?”

          That one for me is a no brainer – no disrespect to Picard fans out there, but in my book, Kirk was Da Man.

          Comment by techpaul | October 31, 2011

          • Took me 2 yrs. to start watch NextGen. Picard is good in his own right, as is Sisco, Janeway, or Archer. Just different. That argument is as bad as Star Trek vs Star Wars. But I was a Shat fan before Star Trek so he wins for me. Also a fan of Mulgrew since the 70’s.

            Comment by delenn13 | October 31, 2011

            • delenn13,
              No comparison. Star Wars was a “classic novel” combined with the most amazing special effects yet witnessed (and the one movie I stood in long lines to see.) A.. flash in the pan. Star Trek is a living thing..


              I guess that makes me Nerdy to the Fourth Power..


              Comment by techpaul | October 31, 2011

              • (No.. I do not speak Klingon and have never been to a “convention”. So, maybe.. Nerdy squared?)

                Comment by techpaul | October 31, 2011

                • Been to about 40 Cons…even flew to LA to have dinner at a con with Mira Furlan(Delenn). So what does that make me?


                  qapla – Google Search

                  Comment by delenn13 | November 1, 2011

                  • delenn13,
                    I believe the rules state quite clearly: that makes you a “trekkie”. (Don’t know if hat should be capitalized..)

                    Comment by techpaul | November 1, 2011

                    • Naw! No need to capitalize “hat”.

                      BTW didn’t break my record of downloading 25 Gigs in a day. Just broke 10Gs. Oh well, a new month.

                      Comment by delenn13 | November 2, 2011

  6. Currently using TU2009 and would love to upgrade. Moreso after reading your review. Pleae count me in & Many Thanks. Cheers Paul, – Happy Halloween.

    Comment by CanGoose | October 31, 2011

  7. CanGoose,
    You are entered. Good luck!

    Comment by techpaul | October 31, 2011

  8. Hello Paul,
    I hope you enjoyed Halloween just like me.

    TuneUp2012 is very promising and effective. I have been using the 2011 version and look forward to win the 2012 version. Please count me in.

    There is a small correction required. The trial is good for only 15days…and not 30days.


    Comment by Grr | October 31, 2011

    • Grr,
      Did you get that “follow up” email I sent early this week?

      Thank you for the correction, I’ll check it mucho muy mas pronto.

      Fixed. Thank you!

      Comment by techpaul | October 31, 2011

      • Yes Paul, I got ur email. Thanks for informing.
        I have been going dead busy these days..


        Comment by Grr | November 1, 2011

        • Grr,
          Okay, good. Thanks for letting me know you received that.

          Comment by techpaul | November 1, 2011

  9. Grr, Mike M..
    You are entered. Good luck!

    Comment by techpaul | October 31, 2011

  10. This is awesome software – please count me in the draw!

    Comment by Lee | October 31, 2011

  11. Lee,
    You are entered. Good luck!

    Comment by techpaul | October 31, 2011

  12. Count me in. Thanks.

    Comment by phugogang | October 31, 2011

    • phugogang,
      Please resubmit an entry without using sailfish (or other VPN).

      Comment by techpaul | November 1, 2011

  13. As my copy is the 2010 version, I would certainly like the 2012 model! Also,thank you for including Canada in the giveaway zone.

    Comment by HeberJim | November 1, 2011

  14. Please count me in also Paul.

    Comment by Jay Rondeau | November 1, 2011

  15. I’d love to use this utility.

    Comment by Larry Caplan | November 1, 2011

  16. Hey Paul…a nice Halloween Treat…thanks and please count me in…I could use Tuneup Utilities.

    Comment by Gaia | November 1, 2011

  17. If you reco it, I want it… TYVM.

    Comment by Balmy33 | November 1, 2011

  18. HeberJim, Jay Rondeau, Larry Caplan, Gaia, Balmy33..
    You are entered. Good luck!

    Comment by techpaul | November 1, 2011

  19. Paul,

    Thanks for the chance to be randomly selected to tune up my wife’s computer. Looks like this utility will REALLY help me sort out its slowness. Scott

    Comment by Sott Mathews | November 1, 2011

    • Sott Mathews,
      If you should not win.. you could apply the options posted higher up in the article…

      Comment by techpaul | November 1, 2011

  20. Sott Mathews,
    You are entered. Good luck!

    Comment by techpaul | November 1, 2011

  21. I’d love to have a chance to win and try out TuneUp Utilities!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Comment by Richard | November 1, 2011

  22. Richard,
    You are entered. Good luck!

    Comment by techpaul | November 1, 2011

  23. Just a word of caution on using “Optimizers”. Back up, back up and back up. One setting can make or bust ya. Seen it too many times om GOTD.

    Comment by delenn13 | November 2, 2011

    • delenn13,
      I have grown weary of hurting my ratings by advising, backup! backup! backup! (And I altogether stopped posting my Top 10 Things PC Owners Should Do article) so I am always glad when others do it for me.

      I have provided a How To tutorial for using CCleaner (one of the safer ones), here . And wrote my Top Tech Tip #2: Leave Registry Cleaners Alone. But .. people are going to do what they do because of what I wrote in the article’s opening.
      That’s why – truly – everybody and their brother markets these types of programs.

      Comment by techpaul | November 2, 2011

  24. I want this, count me please

    john d

    Comment by John d | November 2, 2011

  25. John d,
    You are entered. Good luck!

    Comment by techpaul | November 2, 2011

  26. Great post !!..I do all “tuneup” manually, and have been going since 4/08-still like out of the box. Will definitely take a look at your suggestions, as am [getting] old [er] and need all the help I can get!!! [LOL]
    In the meantime, enter me !!! [Love your “tricks”, as much as the treat !!] Keep up the Great Work!!

    Comment by holmwel | November 2, 2011

    • holmwel,
      Well if you have been doing the “manual way”, I doubt you’ll see anything new listed there. I post that merely because the percentage of computer users who have even heard of the Disk Cleanup Tool (for example) is abysmally and pathetically small (even though PC’s have been in our homes for almost 30 years.. ahem).
      I appreciate the words of support – they do help charge my “blogger’s batteries”.. and I will enter you in the drawing.

      Comment by techpaul | November 2, 2011

  27. One addendum:
    Don’t know [for years & years], why PC [Apple, too], retailers don’t push/sell 2nd hard drives. It would be win-win all around. I have 7GB storage for EVERYTHING. My primary hard drive has only, only, only, and then only once more, [true] programs+Windows. That takes care of a LOT right off the bat.Again, great job!!—You, as well as all your tech “supporters”.

    Comment by holmwel | November 2, 2011

    • holmwel,
      Those who learned in the Old School, learned to partition to do just that.

      I don’t mean to sound cynical, but in MHO, the priority has never really been about making our tech experience as painless as possible, but has been about “creating demand” (i.e. “sales”) .. and selling PC’s is often a result of having a less expensive product than the other guy selling PC’s.

      .. can’t remember the last client I had who had Windows on C:\ and everything else on D:\ .. that practice seems to have faded away..

      Comment by techpaul | November 2, 2011

  28. holmwel,
    You are entered. Good luck!

    Comment by techpaul | November 2, 2011

  29. Hi Paul and happy Thursday, put my name in the pot please.

    Comment by MikeyK | November 3, 2011

  30. MikeyK,
    You are entered. Good luck!

    Comment by techpaul | November 3, 2011

  31. If I can’t win the Lotto, why not win a free license of TuneUp?

    Comment by Anonymous | November 4, 2011

    • Sir or Ms,
      I’m sorry, but I just posted the winner. Entry for the giveaway closed at midnight (Pacific) last night.

      Comment by techpaul | November 4, 2011

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