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Today I’ve had some technical difficulties posting to WordPress, which have resolved themselves. However, this interuption and other obligations have left me with neither the time, energy, nor will to write today’s post. I have become… discouraged today, and need to regroup. I do wish you all a pleasant weekend!

I will be available at Aplus Computer Aid as per usual.

I appreciate all you loyal readers out there in Readerland, and I assure you that this is a temporary situation. I am going to repost a very early Tech–for Everyone which you may have missed (back in those days I had about 20 readers!).

Upgrading to Vista

Thanks to an extensive advertising campaign, the majority of you have heard of the relatively new Microsoft Windows operating system named “Vista”©. Some of you may already be using Vista, particularly those of you who have purchased a computer recently. There has been much hype surrounding Vista, and one is sometimes induced into feeling that Vista will ‘revolutionize’ my computing experience…

I have been using Vista since a relatively early beta (as one of Microsoft’s volunteer guinea pigs/”testers”), and am writing this post on a machine running a retail version of Vista Home Premium. I like Vista…though I expect I will receive comments from some who will think I am nuts for running a first-release OS. I like its look and feel (quite similar to Mac OS X). As a computing consultant, I like the improvements in security ([advisory: Vista frequently stops you in what you’re doing with a pop-up warning dialogue that asks you, “are you sure you want to continue?” This is because you are essentially running as a “user” and not an “Administrator”, which greatly increases your security. If this is the kind of “feature” that will irritate and annoy you to the point of great distress…stick with XP]). I admit it is an individual preference/”taste” kind of thing…but I do like, and recommend, Vista. Should you decide to climb aboard the Vista bandwagon, the question becomes: upgrading your existing OS, or formatting the hard drive and installing ‘clean’?

Tip of the day: There is a real advantage in doing an “in place upgrade”: namely, you will not have to locate the CDs and re-install all of your programs and applications and games; and, your preferences and settings, files, music, and photos folders will still be there–without copying them back to your machine from a backup [you do make regular backups of your system…don’t you???]. Before you consider an inplace upgrade please, please, please run the Vista Upgrade Advisor tool (click here to get the tool) and carefully heed what it says. It will scan your system and check your hardware (devices and memory) and your programs for “compatibility”. Consider carefully the results.
[update 09/08/07: Due to the fact that nobody’s used this tool, and upgraded heedless of all the advice in this column (and elsewhere), my article on “can I undo my upgrade?” is my most Google’d and my most read posting.]

Those of you considering Vista should also be aware that it has rather stringent hardware requirements (for a listing, please click here) and realize that if your machine is getting along in years you will be better served by buying a new machine–with Vista pre-installed–and using the Easy Data Migration tool to copy over your files and settings.

If your machine is of a fairly recent vintage, has plenty of memory and a decent graphics adapter, and passes the Upgrade Advisor tool’s scan, then go ahead and upgrade. If you barely meet the minimum requirements, and there are several compatibility issues noted by the Advisor’s scan, please don’t cause yourself any grief–skip Vista for now. Start saving your pennies for a brand-new, loaded with the latest technology, machine. That’s my advice.

Today’s free link: Speakeasy’s Internet speed test. Find out what your Internet connection’s speed really is–both downloading and uploading–and see how it compares with other people’s. Are you getting what your ISP says you’re getting? (what you’re paying for!) Find out with this fast, easy to use test.

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Technical difficulty

Dear Reader: please be patient today, as there is some technical difficulties with posting…

I will post today’s article just as soon as I am able.

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