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Securing e-mail, Part 3

The first step to encrypting your e-mails is to download and install the free Windows Privacy Tools– WinPT (Mac users will go directly to GPG and download the Mac version). The WinPT download can be found here.

Click the download link, and when the Download window opens select the option to Save (save to disk), and choose a location, such as your Desktop. When the downloadinst_icon.jpg is completed, find the (new) winpt-install icon, and double-click on it, and choose “Run. This will start the Install wizard.
**Please don’t do this until you have read Part 4.

Make sure the Install language is English, and click “OK”. A “welcome” screen will show that the installer package is ready: click the “Next” button… and “Agree” to the EULA.
Accepting the defaults (by clicking “Next”) as you go through the wizard is recommended. Make sure the Options screen looks like this..
which it should, by default. Do the same with the Additional Tasks, and click “Install”.
When it has finished the Install process..
Click the “Finish” button.
WinPT is now installed, as well as the Outlook Express plug-in, and you now have a graphical interface with GPG.

Okay, we’re done for today. Tomorrow, I will demonstrate how to generate your key pair, and “export” your public key so that you can send it to folks.
In the meantime, I highly recommend navigating to the WinPT folder and looking at the WinPT “owner’s manual” PDF file. (By accepting the defaults during the Install, you will find this folder in C:\Program Files\Windows Privacy Tools\Docs.)

Click here to read Part 4.

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