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Update blue screens/reader question

Sometimes the things we do to help our computer can actually make it unhappy, such as when a Windows Update proves incompatible with our installed software/hardware (or doesn’t install itself properly) and it causes “blue screens”.

Q: An Update is causing BSOD’s, what do I do?
A: From time to time a Microsoft security Update will not be compatible with the software and/or device drivers on your machine and the instability will trigger the Blue Screen Of Death (for more on BSOD’s and what to do, see “When good computers go bad“). First, reboot– twice. This will resolve partial installs. If it’s a problem with the Update, usually, Microsoft will repair this and issue a new Update … eventually. In the meantime, remove the Update (If you’re not sure which Update is the perp, remove the most recent ones) by going to Add/Remove Programs in your Control Panel. (Start >Settings >Control Panel >Add/Remove Programs) Now look to the top area and place a check (select) in the “Show updates” checkbox. Now you will be able to see the list of installed Updates.
Click on the Update you want to remove, and click on the Remove button.
*If the blue screen won’t let you get to your Desktop, boot into Safe Mode to perform the steps above.

You can also use System Restore to revert back to a point before the Update was installed, and this will resolve the blue screen. However, Windows Update will prompt you download and Install the Update again.. or do it for you automatically at the next cycle. To tell Windows Update to ignore that particular update — and to stop it from trying to install it each cycle — you must “hide” the update.
Microsoft shows the common method here, but generally you visit Windows Update, select “View available updates”, and right-click (on the one you want to stop) and select “Hide this update”.

Updating your machine (no matter the brand) is a vital part of protecting yourself (and your “identity”) and Microsoft (Apple also) is ready to help you get your Updating troubles resolved. All technical support for Update is free: if you need it, use it!

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