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Sometimes, it’s hard to be me.

Here it is, Monday again, and yes, Dear Reader, it’s true– sometimes it is a little bit tough being me. Maybe you have felt that way yourself a time or two. (If so, feel free to use my title line… properly attributed, of course.)

Being an Internationally Renown Tech Blogger isn’t all a bed of roses and glamour. No! It is a lot of work; and requires a 24/7  by 365 dedication. And sometimes, Dear Reader, (hold on to your hat) I don’t feel like writing.. about tech or about anything else. Hurrumph.
Perhaps, sometime in your distant past, you have felt a similar feeling.

A really smart fella I happen to know, tells me there’s all kinds of reasons  (and I mean, medical, and other scientific-al-type reasons) why a person might experience such a sensation. And the best part is he has a “cure”.. which, because he and I are such great pals, he gladly shared with me. Because you and I, Dear Reader, are such great pals, I’m going to share it with you.


And he has a certain point: the way the dollar is shrinking? Might as well get away to somewhere while it’ll still buy you a ticket. Six months from now might be too late.

It has been a very long time since I went on a real vacation.. and perhaps some of you can say the same thing. It just hasn’t seemed to work out that the extra money and the extra time have been as plentiful as the bills and the Things That Need Doing Today (list).
Oh well. I ain’t complaining, nor sniveling.

Tip of the day: If you’re like me, and it’s been a little too long since you gave yourself a real vacation, go online and find yourself a real deal. Do a little searching, and I bet that you’ll find an offer too good to pass up. Then.. actually book your reservation.
That way, you won’t be sitting there feeling like I feel right now.. and, you’ll have something to look forward to (before the trip), and then something new to talk about (afterwards).

There are, literally, hundreds of traveler’s websites. I suggest you “play around with” more than just one (planning is, after all, half the fun).
And I suggest to you that you “explore” the possibility of a Destination other than Disney World or Honolulu. Do something really.. extraordinary this time. (Like what, you ask? Well.. hmmm.. how about  Vienna? Or, Moscow? Or,.. Kuala Lumpur. Or include some semi-dangerous activity.. like, para-gliding in Rio? Or, white-water rafting in Australia?) That will give you great conversation pieces when you get home again!

Today’s free link(s): Great trips come from great research and planning.. and feeling good about them comes from getting good prices. Start out with some of the better-known travel websites, such as Travelocity, Priceline, and Be sure to click on any User Reviews-type links you find, and take a look at the hotel’s reviews, too.
Once you’ve spent a little time there, then hop over to Wikitravel. Click on a continent, or type in a keyword, and start getting excited.. because this year, baby, you’re going to do it! (I hope.)

* If you know of a must-look-at travel Website, please let us know by leaving a Comment.
[update: I have already received e-mails recommending Orbitz. Please, folks, leave your suggestions as Comments so we all can see them.]

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