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My finger on the pulse

On the Lighter Side: It is Saturday, and since there’s very little risk of anyone reading this particular article (see Nobody reads me on Saturdays) and the weekends are good for taking it easy, I thought I would talk about Geek Culture.

Who is a geek? Well, I am for one. I am a computer dork and I’m proud of it (though, the list below doesn’t apply to me…). If you know the words to Weird Al Yankovich’s White and Nerdy, you may be a geek too. If you have no idea what a “geek” is, well, click on the video. The main character is a fair-to-middling example.

(you may have to click here)

As Weird Al references, it is fairly common knowledge that geeks:
* really like caffeine and sugar (as in, washing handfulls of Skittles® down with Jolt® cola or Mountain Dew®.)
* spend too much time at their computer, and so..
* have no social life
* For a “wild time”, dress up as Klingons and go to Star Trek conventions
* are hackers

Being the Best Tech Blogger on the Web carries with it heavy responsibilities, and I take this responsibility very seriously. I have been doing extensive research (ahem) and I have made a discovery.. which I now report to you:
1) White and Nerdy and Star Trek conventions, as geek symbols and stereotypes, are now so old and, like, yesterday.. that their positions in the pantheon have been eclisped.. and probably apply more to the geriatric geek (oh, say, over 26 years of age) than the younger geek.
I hate to be the one to tell you, but if you enjoy a lively debate over who is the better starship captain, you, dude, are OLD.

I have discovered that the young, chic, and ‘hip’ Geek-of-Today is into something called “anime“, and they go to anime conventions.

You may not know the word “anime”, but you probably do know Pokemon. Anime is basically Japanese cartoons. It is easily recognized because it looks so different from Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck cartoons.. typically, the characters have grossly exaggerated deer-in-the-headlights eyes.

I am not exactly certain, but I understand that anime is rather popular.. even more popular than Star Trek, Next Generation. I also understand that unlike Star Trek, females actually watch anime. I further gather (I was told by one person, actually; my niece) that young females like anime, too… and not just Pokemon.

I have only watched one anime series (Speed Racer), and generally don’t care for the highly stylized representations and choppy action.. and the way their mouths move bothers me. But my extensive research (ahem) has informed me that it is this highly stylized representation that attracts its fans. I am also told that the dramatic story lines, and elemental plot themes (good vs evil, teamwork, rescue the maiden, etc.) attract also.

I understand, also, that are several highly popular series (and that anime is not a “flash in the pan”).. and that fans of anime have definite, distinct titles that they are extremely loyal to.. and that they have been known to exchange lively debates over which cartoon is “better” than another.
Fans of anime believe it is Art. Well-known (popular) Japanese cartoonists are considered “masters” of anime, and.. revered like gods. Or so I’m told.

So if you want to ‘get hip’, and hang with the ‘in crowd’, you better start watching cartoons and pick a series to call your favorite.. and learn the finer points of drawing anime. Me? I’ll stick with Wiley Coyote (if I ever watch a cartoon, that is) and root for him to finally catch that pesky, cocky, Roadrunner.
Th-th-th-that’s all folks!

PS– there is no debate: the answer is Kirk, James T.

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