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How to repair/tweak your "Send To" menu

A handy time-saver is the Send To feature, found in the right-click menu (called the “context menu”). By using the Send To command, you can quickly send a file to different locations such as a ‘zipped’ folder, another person using e-mail, or the My Documents folder.

This image shows the default places you can send your file in Windows XP: compressed file, desktop, mail recipient, My Documents, and 3½” floppy disk. You can remove Send To destinations you never use — such as the floppy drive if your machine doesn’t have one (most newer PCs don’t) — or add destinations you use frequently, in a few simple steps.

Tip of the day: Take control of your menus. This process is much like adding/removing shortcuts from your Start Up folder, which I’ve discussed in this prior article. First, we need to open the Send To folder, which is a “hidden” folder inside your Documents and Settings folder (to read my article on hiding/unhiding folders, click here). Open your Run dialogue by hitting Windows key+R, or Start >Run, and type in “sendto” (no quotes).
Here you see the Send To shortcuts which appear on your right-click submenu. To remove an item you never use, just drag it to your Recycle bin (I have already deleted the floppy drive). I frequently send files to a folder on another computer on my network, and for purposes of example I am going to demonstrate adding that to my Send To menu — but this method can be adapted for any location you’d like to send files.
[update 10/1/07: this can method can also include a printer.] Right-click on any blank area in the Send To window and select (click) New, then Shortcut.
Now the Create Shortcut Wizard opens. We need to browse to our new destination so click on the browse button. To choose a destination, click on it and then click OK. To find my folder on the other computer, I ‘drilled down’ by expanding the plus signs until I could see my folder. Now complete the Wizard by clicking OK, Next, Finish. Now my new shortcut appears in my Send To window.
Now all I have to do to send a file from this machine to my ‘storage’ machine is right-click on it…
and select “downloads on P3”.

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  1. i wiped my regstry to boost speed. unfortunately one slight problem, my registry repair does not know the key for the send to registry can somebody give me the full path key data for this? ill ow you one(sincerely)


    Comment by Flournoy Jon | August 8, 2008 | Reply

  2. I have really no idea what you’re asking.

    You don’t use a Send To shortcut to send things to your Registry (Your Registry is actually several “system” files, buried deep in hidden folders.. so there’s several “paths”). You edit the Registry with the regedit command (Advanced users).

    If your Registry cleaner made a backup of your Registry before making changes (highly recommended), that will be a text file, stored wherever you told it to, or where ever the program’s default save location is.. usually inside it’s own folder; something like c:\Program Files\Registry Cleaner.

    I suggest using System Restore to return your computer to it’s state before you ran the Registry Program.
    Since the Registry is vital for Windows to function, and Registry “cleaning” to “speed up your computer” is largely a hoax, and because one typo while editing the Registry can turn your PC into a brick.. well, I think you can guess where I’m going.

    The path to the Send To folder is c:\Documents and Settings\user\Send To.


    Comment by techpaul | August 8, 2008 | Reply

  3. Hi Techpaul
    I’ve been using “Send To” for *years*, simlpy placing a shortcut to “Notepad” in my SendTo folder, to allow me to send any file type to notepad.

    Last week it stopped working, and the only things in the SendTo menu are Compressed (Zipped) folder, Desktop, Mail, My Documents, and my CDRom drive; even though my shortcut to Notepad is still there.

    I’ve tried removing and re-creating the shortcut. Notepad itself works fine. It’s just that Notepad doesn’t appear in my SendTo menu. Google has suggested various registry settings, and re-registering %WinDir%\System32\Shell32.dll; but I’ve had no luck.

    I am absolutely stumped, and it’s like someone has removed the “Return” key from my keyboard, so any help will be most welcome,


    Comment by Richard | October 8, 2008 | Reply

  4. Richard–
    This problem was probably caused by a 3-rd Party app you installed “last week” (possibly via an update). Removing it may restore your function.

    Also: if you have not already done so..
    2) From the command prompt, run “sfc /scannow” (no quotes)which may require the XP/Vista install CD.
    3) Use System Restore to go back prior to when this started happening, and then keep a careful eye out to not do (again) what you did last week.

    and, of course, then there’s #4) enlist the aid of a Pro.


    Comment by techpaul | October 8, 2008 | Reply

  5. In your description you mentioned you already deleted your Floppy disk A from your send to menu. How did you do it?


    Comment by molly | October 15, 2008 | Reply

  6. Molly–
    While in the \Documents and Settings\user\SendTo folder, I simply rt-click>Delete’d the icon.. dragging it to the trash/Recycle Bin works too.


    Comment by techpaul | October 15, 2008 | Reply

  7. Does anyone know what to do when the My Documents in SendTo options become doubled?
    I deleted the only copy of My Documents found in both
    C:\Documents and Settings\Jon\SendTo
    C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\SendTo
    and I still have 2 My Documents.
    I’m stumped!


    Comment by Jon | October 21, 2008 | Reply

  8. Jon–
    You were on the right track, but you chose the wrong ‘other’ user account.
    Go into All Users.


    Comment by techpaul | October 21, 2008 | Reply

  9. this is good advice, but what I’m trying to find out is how to edit the new (not send to..) menu.
    If you have already posted such an answer elsewhere please give details.


    Comment by rob | December 11, 2009 | Reply

    • rob,
      I have not written about that kind of fine tuning previously, as it requires a Registry hack or knowing how to use a tweaking utility (the Microsoft Powertoy TweakUI for XP/older, and I believe TweakVista for the newer OSes..) — which is a bit out of what I consider to be “for everyone”.


      Comment by techpaul | December 11, 2009 | Reply

  10. So how do you delete the Floppy A. Why don’t you put up useful info.


    Comment by gdfg | December 29, 2010 | Reply

    • gdfg,
      Because there is no simple fix for that, as Googling it will show you. You might try TweakUI.. but I don’t know if you are using XP, Vista, or 7, so I cannot give you a specific answer, if there were one. (But you might look at my reply to molly, above..)

      Have a happy new year, there at the UoP, you cowardly and rude *person*.


      Comment by techpaul | December 29, 2010 | Reply

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