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Restore Bookmarks in Firefox– quick tip

Earlier this week I posted a “quick tip” on restoring your Internet Explorer “Favorites” (everybody else calls them ‘bookmarks’), and quite naturally and predictably I received a question asking how do you do that in Firefox — the world’s most popular “alternative” Web browser.
So, here goes.

Like IE, Firefox’s Bookmarks are a list of URL’s saved into a file (localstore.rdf) that can be “imported”, “exported” to other browsers, or Saved as a comma-separated-values file (.csv) or HTML file. This file can become corrupted, or deleted, and your Bookmarks will no longer appear. To restore your “favorite” websites to your Bookmarks..

Method 1: (Firefox 2)
1) Close any instances of Firefox (hereafter referred to as “FF”) you have open/running and then launch FF in Safe Mode by clicking Start> Mozilla Firefox> Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode).

2) In the dialogue box, select (check) “Reset Toolbars and Controls.
and click the “Make Changes and Restart” button.

3) Close FF and then start it (aka “launch”/”open”) again in normal mode.

That’s it. You’re done. You should now see your bookmarks.
If you don’t…

Method 2: (Firefox 2) FF automatically generates a backup copy of your localstore.rdf, and you can “import” this copy into your Bookmarks.
1) press Ctrl+Shft+B (or select “Organize Bookmarks” under the Bookmarks menu).

2) In the new window, select File> Import, and then “From File”.

3) In the Open file search window, you need to “drill down” to
C:\Documents and Settings\user*\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles…where you’ll see a ‘dot default’ folder.

4) Open that folder, and then open the “Bookmark Backups” folder. Select the most recent one, and click the “Open” button.

Firefox 3: the new version of FF is “Firefox 3”, and it makes restoring the backup easier.
1) press Ctrl+Shft+B (or select “Organize Bookmarks” under the Bookmarks menu), and click the “Import and Backup” button.

2) Select “Restore” and choose the top date and hit “Enter”, and then “OK”.

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  1. Hey Paul,

    Great tip for FireFox users!

    As you have said previously – no one should be using Internet Explorer based on it’s poor security standing, so it’s good to see this info on FireFox.

    In my view FF users are definitely more “net savvy” than IE users, and have a better understanding of the very real dangers the Internet now poses to connected computers.




    Comment by Bill Mullins | July 12, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thank you, Bill.
    I (please don’t snicker out loud) frequently use IE 7 to visit certain websites that just render best in IE, but I would never use IE 6– the most exploited piece of code ever written.

    On a Vista machine, IE 7 with “Protected Mode” enabled is much more secure than its predecessor, but I still use SelectView to block Flash, have the WOT toolbar, and have my security products set to scan content, and I install SpywareBlaster. In general, I use ThreatFire to provide heuristic protection from “drive-by’s”.

    In the days before IE 7, I switched to FF, and then Firefox became slow and balky (due to memory issues/bloat), and I moved to Avant.
    I am now testing the newest FF (Firefox 3.0) and have been mostly impressed, so far.
    I will be testing IE 8 soon, as the beta is now available.


    Comment by techpaul | July 12, 2008 | Reply

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