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This urgent (“flagged with a red “!”) e-mail slipped into my Inbox. The Subject was READ AND REPLY.

I am a lawyer and legal representative to a high profile client within the international community that requires your experience and assistance in the investment of her inherited funds,should this transaction be of interest to you contact me for more.
Best regards,
Dominic Chambers

Hmmm… curious. I suspect this is scam spam (mainly because I have never, ever, made an investment or inquired about investing). But some of the usual elements are missing.. and it did make it past my spam filters.. and it is marked “urgent”…

Maybe this high-profile, international lady wants to invest her money in me?
That could be kewl. I like money.

Tip(s) of the day: Don’t even think about responding to e-mails like these; and better yet, don’t even open e-mail from unknown sources.. doing so can/will mark your e-mail address as a “live” person, and get your name on junkmail lists (which spammers trade with each other) and you’ll get even more spam than you already do. I don’t care if they’re marked “Urgent” or not– resist the temptation.

Secondly, please read my article Managing your email: eliminating junk and learn a few techniques for spam reduction.

And thirdly, why do dumb scammers send dumb scam e-mails? Because a few ________ people respond, and get hoodwinked. Don’t be part of the problem.

Today’s free link: A recent building project had me using an old 3D drawing program that I first downloaded years ago, and so I went looking to see what apps available now. I discovered the simply fabulous Google SketchUp, and after watching a couple of animated tutorials, I knocked out my design in no time at all.

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