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Sunday nights at my house

Mondays. Yuk.

Sunday nights were special nights when I was a lad. My statistics show that quite a decent percentage of my readers will recognize these short video clips.. and understand what I mean.

Which was followed by..

Television before “ripped from the headlines” dramas, and “Reality TV”. A few decades ago, now. (My, how time passes..) Many things have changed with the years. Agreed?

When I was boy, wearing my PJ’s (with feeties) and watching these shows, there were still many things that hadn’t been invented yet– such as cell phones, ATM cash machines, magnetic stripe readers, video games, CD’s or DVD’s or VHS/Betamax (we had 8-Track tapes).. heck, we didn’t even have cordless phones yet, much less personal computers.
For fun, we skipped rope, played soccer, threw dirtclods/water balloons, rode bicycles, and read books. (Don’t snicker too much, you younger readers; we had Lawn Darts [fun for the whole family!])

Lawn Darts

Lawn Darts

I am a member of what is known as “Gen-X” (as in, mysterious).. the first generation after the “Baby Boomers”.
As I understand it, there’s also a “Generation Y“.. and even a “Gen-Z”.
Som Gen-Y fun facts, according to Wikipedia:
97% own a computer
94% own a cell phone
76% use Instant Messaging and social networking sites.
15% of IM users are logged on 24 hours a day/7 days a week
34% use websites as their primary source of news
28% author a blog and 44% read blogs
97% have downloaded music and other media using peer-to-peer file sharing
49% regularly download music and other media using peer-to-peer file sharing
75% of college students have a Facebook account
60% own some type of portable music and/or video device such as an iPod.
I think some of those numbers are on the low side. Like, by a lot.

Needless to say, I don’t view the world in quite the same way as a Gen-Y does.
There is a definite “gap”.

I’m not sure where I intended to go with this.. so I think I’ll stop. I will continue long enough to tell you that more of my thoughts on this can be read by clicking this link
And I will invite you to leave your thoughts on this as comments.

I’m pretty sure I have more to say, but….

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