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Marketing the Microsoft Way–"Mojave"

Have you seen the buzz? Maybe, noticed the little ads appearing on web pages? Microsoft’s new ad campaign for Vista — called Project Mojave — has cause a bit of a, well, stink.

What Microsoft did was take a group of Vista Bashers — folks who are “sticking with XP”, and talking bad about Vista (in print)– and invited them into a room for a “sneak peak” at a “new” operating system. A “blind taste test”, so to speak.

Of course, they really liked the new Windows. When could they get a copy?

Of course, what they were looking at was Vista.

Now.. I don’t know how smart it was for Microsoft to use this strategy. Out here in California, we have an expression for what Microsoft did to these folks– “clowned” them.
(Exposed them for the clowns that they are.)

Part of me says these folks deserved it. How can you look at a Vista machine and not say, “Hey! You’re trying to pull a fast one.. This is Vista!” unless they’re completely unfamiliar with it.
If they’re unfamiliar with it.. what business do they have bashing it?
Hey, they just joined the bandwagon– bashing Vista is popular hobby.

I am treading on dangerous ground when I state, I like Vista and I recommend it without hesitation (on new machines.. not “upgrades” on old and underpowered machines).
I open myself to the hundreds of people who seem to have nothing better to do than to post Comments attacking anyone who doesn’t hate (and fear) Microsoft. I can already see the comment that accuses me of being in MS’s pocket. Hah! Microsoft doesn’t even know I exist.

My point is this– Microsoft is merely proving that the vast majority of negative “lore” about Vista is being produced (or passed on) by people who don’t even recognize Vista when they’re touching it.
Has all this Vista bashing you’ve read or heard made you hesitate to try Vista?
Why? It’s being written or regurgitated by clowns.

Regardless if Microsoft’s rebuttal advertising campaign was smart.. or just plain mean.. it has come too late (IMHO). The Mojave experiment will not change the public’s perception of Vista; and frankly, that perception is not good. And that’s too bad.

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