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Modern Nightmare

It’s like we woke up inside a horror movie– we are under attack by zombies.

Night of the Living Dead

Yes. It’s true. Real life is imitating art (if you’re willing to call Night of the Living Dead “art”). We really are under attack by zombies– only our zombies aren’t trying to eat our flesh, they are trying to sell us bootleg f@rmacuticals and cheap Vl@gra, fake Rolex watches, and steal our identities. [note in the photo how the zombie is reaching for the wallet?]

In real life, our zombies can’t claw at us directly and they don’t have teeth. Our zombies are computers. Our computers. And they attack via e-mail and the Internet. Like the zombies in Night, they spread the zombie disease by infection. Differently, our zombies aren’t mindless; they’re controlled by villains (aka “cyber-criminals”).

Yes. Your computer may be a zombie.

If it isn’t a zombie (yet), it is constantly under the attack of infection via the Internet. An unprotected computer, connected to the Internet, will be infected within 8 minutes.
90 to 95% of all Internet traffic traveling the wires (using “bandwidth”) is zombie-generated junk e-mail that’s either a fraud attempt or (and?) loaded with malware– the “attack”.

How did this happen? Well, part of it is the Tech Industry’s fault (see, How the Tech Industry is Failing You), either unintentionally, or through lack of foresight, or through willful negligence and the rush to market. Security either wasn’t considered, or it was too expensive.
Nobody predicted the nerdy hackers evolving into organized, well-financed, criminal gangs of today.
And they put too-powerful, fully capable machines into the hands of the unwashed masses– us. The rest of it is our fault.

* We let our antivirus expire and everyday close the warning.
* We think we’ve just won the British Lottery.
* We still run Windows 98 because we’re “comfortable with it”.
* We cannot resist ‘free’ pornography.
* We cannot be bothered with those REALLY ANNOYING little windows that pop open at the worst times and tell us that a “newer version is available.”
* When someone tries to tell us about our machines, they start using big words in a funny language and we ‘tune out’.
* We believe that everything computer-related should be free, so we download cracked (aka “pirated”) software, bootleg music and video, and we don’t care who or where it comes from.

I could go on and on and on.

Yes.. we are our own worst enemies. But, you don’t have to be a part of the problem. And you don’t have to learn a big word-filled foreign language (aka “Geek speak”) to avoid the zombie attack.
Today’s free link: I have put together a list of proactive steps every computer user should know.. a checklist. In it you will find links to free, safe, and effective methods for protecting your computer, and keeping it safe. Please look over, Top 10 Things You Should Do To Your Computer. And then do us all a favor, pass the list on to your friends who have computers.

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  1. […] another view describing how we got to be in danger from Botnets read TechPaul’s – Modern Nightmare Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Is Your Computer a Bot? – Find Out with Trend […]


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  2. great article !! i think ppl should be shaken , or woken up cuaz indeed the virtual threat is huge. Software developers however are working on a virtualizing lots of programs, so if you’re being infected by a virus or spyware, that nests in that piece of software, or it’s directory, it wont be of any harm. Because you’re controlling a virtual copy of the real program , sorta like you’re shaving , but you only shave the mirror-you . And when you close the program, all software that was needed to run it , will be deleted, as well will the threats.


    Comment by coration | August 21, 2008 | Reply

  3. Coration–
    Virtualization is huge right now, and seen by its proponents as the cure for many IT problems.. including malware.
    The idea of application virtualization (as opposed to whole machine [or operating system] VM’s) is not new, but I think the real push is toward “cloud computing”, and our machines will simply be browsers. We’ll access applications online, much like Google Docs. (I find this distasteful, btw.)

    The area of application virtualization that is most beneficial in the fight against malware infection is virtualized web browsers, as all your Internet interaction takes place in a “sandbox”, and nothing gets written to your disk. This is already available, and there’s a few different flavors to choose from. I recommend Sandboxie.


    Comment by techpaul | August 21, 2008 | Reply

  4. You mean I haven’t won the British Lottery? Well at least there’s a guy in Nigeria who is going to let me inherit several million dollars from his estate. Oh, and I won a Microsoft/Yahoo giveaway too, so I should be ok.

    If everyone followed a basic principle that goes back generations, it would do a lot to help curb this rampant problem. The principle? If it’s too good to be true, it likely is.

    Anything that sparks that one ounce of doubt, whether it’s a link in an email, an email attachment, a free Ipod pop-up, whatever, follow your instinct and stay away.


    Comment by Jamie | August 29, 2008 | Reply

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