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“Warning–Worst Virus Ever!”

“Bin Laden Hanged!–See Video!”

“Warn Your Friends!”

Have you ever had a friend or family member forward you a “warning” about a particular “scam” e-mail? Or a new virus?

And you look at the Cc, and see that they’ve also sent the e-mail to every friend and family member in their address book.

Next time this happens, don’t open it. Just delete it. And, maybe, send the helpful person in question a copy of this article.

You see, this is just a way for the scammers to gather valid e-mail addresses. (The message contains hidden ‘traps’ which they can follow.) Which they use to send you spam and more spam, and poisoned spam so they can control your machine.. And when they’re done, they sell the list of valid e-mail addresses to the next scammer/spammer.

Please. Stop the cycle. Don’t forward. Don’t open. Delete.
They’re easy to spot: they come from someone you know, and have “FW: URGENT” in the Subject line.

Don’t open attachments sent from unknown Senders (and be leery of ones from known).

Don’t click the link.

Simple one today… Just put the word “DON’T” at the beginning of the title.

Today’s free link: Greetings! – Another Email Banking Scam Another well-written “e-mail scam” advice article from my friend Bill Mullins.

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