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Folks, two weeks ago I wrote an article advising you to immediately delete, unopened, these types of e-mail.. which are inevitably forwarded to us by well-meaning friends and family.
There’s one going around right now, warning about “the worst virus ever”.

Please read, SEND THIS E-MAIL TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!, and then please forward it to those friends and family members who show a proclivity to be helpful and concerned — and fall for this scam. (You know who they are.)

These e-mails will contain an image (attachment) which will automatically be downloaded and displayed when you open the e-mail — please see, HTML e-mail and image spam (repost) — which automatically gives the cyber-criminal a matching valid e-mail address and machine/IP address– yours.

You don’t need to click any links, you just need to view the message, and the damage is done.

So even though the Subject line advises DO NOT DELETE, go ahead and do so– immediately and unopened. You’ll be protecting your Inbox and Identity.
And, need I say it? The “warning” is a bogus fraud, carefully crafted to play off people’s ignorance and fear.

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  1. […] is the original post: Fwd: BIG VIRUS WARNING *** DO NOT DELETE*** Categories: Online ScamTags: alert, cyber-crime, digital, fraud, hackers, internet, internet-scam, […]


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  2. My GF’s computer was infected with a virus type of “do not delete (which go along with 4 others, namely: list.x, unknown artist.x,workbook.x? etc.) how i could delete/erase that kind of virus despite using all types of available anti-virus? thanks!


    Comment by Bienne | October 28, 2008 | Reply

  3. Bienne–
    There are many articles on removing malware on the Internet (I have written several myself).. and even whole websites dedicated to helping people.
    You might start here,
    and then you might visit, and/or

    And, you may consider hiring the assistance of a professional.


    Comment by techpaul | October 28, 2008 | Reply

  4. me too… the do not delete along with the 4 others… list workbook, unknow artist… how can i delete … i was first forced to format my computer because of this virus… dis virus do is automatically close some applications like anti virus, particular sites and even automatically closes msconfig. so what i did was i took my hard disk… go to my freind wwaht we did was dual hard disk … making my hard disk as a secondary hard disk… the anti virus ESET NOD32 detected and deleted the virus… but when we put bak my hard disk to my computer, the computer now automatically restart…. one in log in to windows it reboot… in the part where the user will now login… i cant format this computer because the theisis of my sisters is here… ad some other applications pls help… as of know im going to check techpaul thnx


    Comment by sugar | November 17, 2008 | Reply

  5. sugar–
    What has (probably)happened is– the malware attached itself to some Windows system files, and when you ran the antivirus it removed (or quarantined) those vital files as well, and now Windows can’t run.
    If you can get into Safe Mode, you might have luck with the System File Checker, followed by CheckDisk.
    In Safe Mode, open a command prompt and type in “sfc /scannow”. When that scan is done, type in “chkdsk /f”.
    (No quotes.. that’s just for clarity.)

    But I must say that your best bet is to take the HHD back to your friend’s and slave it again, and copy your sister’s thesis (and any other valuable files) off to another media.
    Then, gather up all the discs that came with your computer and take them (and your computer of course) to a professional… NOT the Repair department at the big box stores.
    You are welcome to call me.


    Comment by techpaul | November 17, 2008 | Reply

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