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Latest Scam E-mails — Are You Rich Now Too?


Your email address won £915,810.00 GBP in this month NATIONAL LOTTERY.
To file for your claim, contact our agent Rev.Harry Smith with
the details below(Full Names, Contact Address, Country, Age, Sex, Occupation & Telephone numbers) to this email: Phone Number: +44 (701) 115 3332

Please Confirm Your Purchase

Capture  Re: You have not responded to my previous letter‏

From a Ewald de Bever (Mr), claiming to be an “Oracle Database Engineer currently in London…” wants my help ‘confirming’ that it was my very wealthy relative who died.

Tip of the day: If you do not already do so, please get into the habit of marking these items as spam. Doing so will help your filters “learn” what is spam and what is legit.
* Fraud Prevention Tips
* Managing junk mail in Outlook/Thunderbird

Today’s free download and link: Today is a “two-fer”, and not my usual method for providing links to great free software. By clicking this link, you will read about a handy little app on a great blog written by a freeware devotee. Check ’em both out, click the link!

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