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You Matter

The ability to vote is one of the most cherished of our Constitutional Rights. It is the right to vote that people have fought for, marched for, and died for, over the centuries. 

It is the right to vote that enables you to express your opinion as to the fitness of our elected leaders and their policies. It is the right to vote that permits you to hire or fire those who represent you in government. 

It is the right to vote that allows you to determine, to a certain degree, your own future by electing officials who reflect your views and will speak for you in government. But by not voting you are abdicating your right to influence government and allowing the will of others, whose opinions maybe contrary to your own, to prevail.

And more importantly, by not voting you are allowing it to be no longer the will of the majority that governs this country, but rather, the will of the minority.

Tomorrow you can make a difference.  Vote.

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