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Latest Flash Version Breaks Things

No, you aren’t seeing things, and no, it’s (probably) not a new infection on your machine.
Adobe’s recent Flash Player update has caused a lot of trouble (particularly to Firefox users)  by failing to work with several web sites that rely heavily on Flash.

You may find it easiest to use IE until Adobe and Webmasters get the glitch squared away.

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Botnets Beheaded

The Web hosting company used by some of the world’s biggest botnets and spammers went dark this week after several of its Internet service providers cut its connections.

As a result, the demise of San Jose, Calif.-based McColo, which has played host to botnet servers and other nefarious activity, has led to a sudden drop in worldwide spam by nearly two-thirds, according to one security firm.

For more, please read this Washington Post article.

[note: while this is, indeed, good news; and the people who did the takedown are to be applauded, the truth is that these guys will probably be back in business again within a week.]

[update: 11/17/08, Michael Kassner at TechRepublic has a good synopsis, and reports that McColo is already back online, in his latest post.]

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