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The Latest Windows – 7

For those of you who have been writing in to tell me that there’s a new Windows coming, and “I might want to write about it”.. please stop. I heard about it before you did, (dollar to a doughnut) and it is still a pre– beta.
(That’s like mixing water and flour together in a bowl, and calling it a “Christmas cookie”.)

However, if you must read something about what you can expect from the new OS, Ed Bott at ZDNet has a very thorough and very well-done “first look” article, titled “A deep dive into Windows 7“. Here’s the link.

Please feel free to make other (helpful) comments, or suggestions, though.

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Gathering A Dataset…

Folks, because the field of computers and digital tech is constantly growing and evolving (aka ‘changing’), and because it is so vast that “specialization” is almost mandatory, I am constantly learning, and taking courses, and earning new Industry Certificates.

For one small example, I have grown tired of being ignorant about the intricacies of computer programming, and so I am enrolled in a introductory C++ class at my local Junior College. But I’m not telling you that for any reason other than to segue into the fact that I have recently completed my midterm exams.


Since pop quizzes are so fun, I thought it would be terrific if today we had one here at Tech–for Everyone.. but don’t ‘freak out’; this one’s short, and I promise you won’t have to think.
[note: most of these allow multiple answers.]

See? That wasn’t so bad. And, I thank you.

You will note that you cannot see the results. That’s because I’m doing what is known as “gathering a data set”. In a few days, I will take your responses and “interpret” them, come to an honest, but arbitrary “conclusion” (no doubt matching my prejudices exactly) and then I will “publish” them in an article.

I can’t wait to see how it comes out!

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