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Scam Charges On Your Phone Bill (more)..

Folks, as I — and other members of the media — have been warning, the underground economy known generically as “hackers” and “cyber-criminals” has ramped up their efforts during this Holiday (shopping) period.

Spam e-mails containing links to bogus ID Stealing websites are flooding our Inboxes (some are aimed at our insecurities during this period of financial stress); and more “legit” websites are being poisoned; and, new variants of the fake “you have been infected” (or, “VirusX_YZ has been detected on this machine! Click here to..”) scam “warnings” have been released onto the web. Etc. Etc. Etc.

It is all about stealing your money. It has been for some time.
And these guys are good. They stole between $10 – $105 billion last year (depending on which source you read).

As a result, I have recently been swamped with calls for help from people with badly infected machines (this is why I couldn’t post, or only was able to re-post these last few days).

Today is no different. And so today all I have time to do is direct your attention to two articles which I consider to be important, and would ask my readers to read.

The first is, Shocking – 98% of Computers are Insecure, by Internet Security blogger Bill Mullins. You will find helpful advice here, and not just doom and gloom.

Also, you may be being ripped off right now, and be unaware of it, via your phone bill– as fellow blogger Rick Robinette describes here, Beware! Telephone Bill Rip-Off…
* also see his follow-up post, Are you a victim of “CRAMMING”?

I truly believe (and life experience backs me up) that awareness on the part of web surfers (us “regular Joe’s and Jane’s”) prevents a lot of this vile crime.. the “savvier” you are, the less likely you are to need to have to give me a call. Be smart. Be safe. Be aware.

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