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Woman Bilked Of $400K By Nigerian Internet Scam

Folks, as an IT Support Professional, I am keenly aware of the current state of  computer security, and the “shadow economy” of cyber-crime. I am a student of IT Sec (as it’s known), and I try to keep my readers abreast of the latest threats and trends.. and scams.

For a while now, I have looked forward to receiving Bruce Schneier’s monthly newsletter (named “CRYPTO-GRAM”). You can find Mr. Schneier’s website on my Blogroll. He is one of the leaders in the field.
To get the full benefit of his keen wit, one should (IMHO) follow the links he provides. One such link led me to this video..
Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “CNN – Woman loses $400,000 to an e-ma…“, posted with vodpod

I am not exactly sure of the original date of this story, but the blogs are atwitter with it now.

This is the oldest scam on the Internet (well.. one of the oldest anyways) and, frankly, I’m kind of flabberghasted by this woman. There is a wealth of information about these scams on the Internet.. I wonder, if she read Tech-for Everyone, would she have been so ___________ ?

I also wonder why she went public.
I do give ‘props’ to the news crew, though– they almost completely kept their chuckles out of the story.

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