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The Numbers Are In

I have, as almost all Websites do, various statistic gatherers and counters, which tell me all kinds of interesting tidbits about this site’s traffic and visitors. (And I confess I look at these statistics frequently.)

I started Tech-for Everyone in June, 2007, and have been writing – 6 days a week – ever since. Today I fiddled around with my stat counter and set it to “all time” mode.. To give me the “big picture”; not only of what you, Dear Reader, seem to like and “click on”, but also to see/sense how the search engines work. The majority of my ‘pageloads’ come from search ‘referrals’.

My Top 10 articles of all time are:

  1. How to boot from a CD
  2. Manage Startup programs in Vista
  3. “My Taskbar disappeared” and other simple tweaks”
  4. Scare Tactics
  5. Adding programs to your Startup Folder
  6. Quick Tip: overcome “access denied” in Vista
  7. Find hidden files
  8. Adding Firewire to your machine
  9. Hibernation vs. Sleep+Vista
  10. Yellow exclamation mark question

It seems that there’s an awful lot of people Googling (yes, that’s a word now) “How do I boot from a CD?” Over 50,000 of them so far.. about a hundred a day, average. What does that suggest? Well, I’m not sure.. couple of things leap to mind.

Well, there’s an airport run shoehorned into my schedule, so I’ll wrap this musing up by inviting you to click on any of those articles that might catch your fancy. I’d also like to remind you that this site is searchable too, with its own search box (located over to the right in the widgets column).
There are over 500 answers, tips, and tweaks in my archives..

Did I mention that I look at my stats frequently? Yes? Well, the truth is sometimes I get a little carried away.. and become just a teeny bit “stat happy”. Symptoms of “stat happiness” include: crying when your numbers go down, and spending hours “tweaking” your site’s keywords and metatags.. and thinking of ways to slip “hot” Google words into your text. Like; giveaway, free, sex, hot sex, XXX, Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears, secret video, (let’s see.. hmm..) hidden camera, product key codes, crack.. (There. That should help.)

Today’s free link(s):
Fearless New Year’s prediction: Computer crime gets worse. Roger Grimes makes his cybercrime predictions for the coming year, and they’re not filled with good news. Get ready now for a new wave of cybercrime coming to a computer near you.

The new MD5/SSL exploit is NOT the end of civilization as we know it. MD5 insecure? Absolutely. SSL hacked? Sort of, but it’s not broken. CA negligence? What do you think? Tom Olzak examines the roles of each of these players in the recent problems with SSL.

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