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The Stormy Seas Of Life

I have seen it referred to as “a soft economy”, and I have seen it called a “crisis”. I have seen absolutely dire predictions, and then been told it will get much worse before it gets better.
There are plenty of statistics available that look bad, even bleak.

I can tell you that never before, in my “approaching half a Century” (ahem) of life, have so many of the people I’ve talked to told me they’re:
* Looking for work. Any work.lapel pin flag
* Recently laid off.
* Their company shut down/is shutting down.
* Afraid they’re going to be “downsized”.
* Working 2 jobs but still can’t float the boat.
* Going back to school.
And, the one I take special note of..
* Unemployed so long, “I’ve forgotten what having a job feels like.”
Oh, yes! I’ve felt in my business. You betcha. People are changing their money habits, I guarantee.

I have weathered a crisis or two in my life– some of them ‘global’. My first real job was pumping gas during Carter’s “Gas Crisis”.. and trying to keep odd numbered license plates from sneaking into line on “even days”… for example. (That should date me pretty well..)1970s_gas_rationing
And I’ve experienced some deep personal “earthquakes” too – which I’ll keep to myself – and which I hope you never have to experience.

I would like to say to you, Dear Reader, in these difficult and frightening times– they will pass. Whatever your personal hardship. Today and every day, we need to keep our plans and dreams alive – and we must not allow ourselves to be drowned by nightmares, negativity, fear, and despair.

We are living art, created to hang on, stand up, forbear, continue and encourage others.” – Maya Angelou

I would like to say to you, if you need help — ask for it. If you have help to give — give of it freely. Asking for help isn’t easy. Do it anyway.

For those of you surrounded by blackness and hopelessness, please seek professional help! I sincerely hope you’ll get help because you deserve it. No matter what anyone says, including yourself — you are of infinite value and significance — and deserve peace, happiness and meaning in your life.
[Family members — ‘Get immediate professional help if a loved one talks of suicide, has excessive guilt or anxiety, or starts to abuse drugs or alcohol.]

I agree with our new President. It is time to “roll up our sleeves and get busy” contributing to our Country’s “life’s blood”. And I believe that means helping your neighbor.. even if you think he should be helping you. I would like to say to you, lead by example.

If you just want to die.. think it would be “easier” (or if you know someone who is acting this way) don’t dismiss what I am going to suggest next because you think I “don’t know “: 1) it will pass (and, yeah, it can take a long time) and, 2) please – pretty please with sugar on top – click here, and then click some of links you find there.

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