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RC Meets RL (RoboCop Meets Real Life)

Forget Dashboard Cameras. Today It’s Headcams

From Wired
“Officers: Are you sick and tired of excessive force lawsuits? Well cheer up. Taser has a plan to give your police department its own CYA reality TV show.

The less-lethal weapons company has launched a wearable computer, called Axon, that will let cops record every minute of their day and upload it to a secure website. From there, they can share their favorite memories with friends, family, and jurors.

The camera is head-mounted, so it will record everything the user lays his eyes on. Each

Part Man - Part Machine - All Cop

Part Man - Part Machine - All Cop

headset plugs into a Linux-powered computer that looks curiously similar to a PlayStation Portable, which has an LCD  screen so that officers can watch instant replays of their favorite tackles and shakedowns.”

Um … everywhere they go? The unit also features a “One-Touch ‘Privacy Mode'” which “temporarily suspends recording.”

When I read this.. a line started running through my head — “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.”

I have said here before, if you want to see  future tech, just watch Star Trek.

Today’s free link: Expand your Star Trek awareness, and better understand my reference, see What are “the Borg”?

You can read the whole article here.

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