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Cyborg Invades Fashion Show — Video Here!

Creepy On So Many Levels..

A walking, talking female robot to debut on a Japanese catwalk – not ready to help with chores.

Japan has produced a walking, talking fashion robot. Standing at just over 5-feet tall and 95-pounds, HRP-4C, developed by Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, will make its catwalk debut next week at the Tokyo fashion show.

It walks! It talks! It creeps me out!

Japan boasts one of the leading robotics industries in the world, and the government is pushing to develop the industry as a road to growth. “Other robots, like the ones from Tokyo University of Science and Osaka University, have more human-like faces and have been tested as receptionists.”

There’s a good idea — Japanese Robot Receptionist. Yeah.

Click here to read the whole Newsweek story.

Seems to me I saw a movie about human-looking robots…

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