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Is That Really True?

Computers are not only now an integral part of our daily lives, they’ve also become the primary means by which urban legends and other pieces of misinformation are now spread — everything from “stupid computer user” stories to virus warning hoaxes (and the occasional real warning).

Folks, I have warned against opening forwarded “virus warning” e-mails here before (see, SEND THIS E-MAIL TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!), and I’ve asked you to inform your friends and relatives (who seem to always fall for them) about them too. Try to “break the cycle”..

Today I’d like to tell you about Snopes. Snopes is the place to go if you suspect something as being faked, so you can “debunk” the frauds.

Snopes offers factual debunking in the following categories:

I often refer people to Computers > Virus Hoaxes & Realities. But I can highly recommend looking at the “Frauds & Scams” category, too. Should you not find the item you’re looking for already listed, you can submit it, and Snopes’ staff of experts will research it for you.

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