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Better Than Dick Tracy’s Watch

Zypad WR1100 – A Computer You Wear On Your Wrist

Zypad wearable computer Every now and then I see something and I say, “I want one of those!”

(I’m not sure how practical having a Parvus Zypad would be, but it sure would be a conversation starter!)

Designed for our military, security, and emergency personnel, (“harsh environments”) the GPS-enabled unit is made from fiberglass-reinforced nylon/magnesium alloy for light weight and rugged durability.
I see this as being designed principally for soldiers.

There is no keypad, as this isn’t the kind of computer you would do school assignments on. It is more a “client” computer designed to connect to another, more capable computer (a “server”), which it can do via Wireless G, Bluetooth, and ZigBee. It runs on Linux.

It has a 640×480 High-Vis color display with Touch Screen and automatic contrast. Users can view data and images in direct sunlight or darkened environments on the shock/moisture/dust resistant screen.

It also has integrated microphone and speakers designed to be heard even in extreme environments (read “battle”) so if we combine it with the headcam (see, RC Meets RL (RoboCop Meets Real Life) we would be able to see what our minions see in real time, and send them our instructions instantly (insert evil laugh sound effect here).

Ahhhh, we live in interesting times…
To see the full list of specs, click here.

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