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Great Idea For Electronics Retailers

Are you the owner of an electronics outlet? If so, listen up because I am about to hand you – FREE! – an idea you can implement that may double, maybe triple, the volume of walk-in traffic. Not only tFARhat, it will develop customer loyalty like you have previously only dreamed of.

You have already mastered the art of advertising your price leaders, and making it look like the manufacturer’s rebate price is your sales price. That works.. but not like it used to, right? Maybe you’ve noticed that rebates in general aren’t closing sales like they used to..

* Avoid being the next Circuit City!
* Increase sales volume
* Raise customer loyalty
(repeat visitors)
* Gain massive quantities of free advertising (publicity)

How? process all manufacturer rebates IN YOUR STORE, at time of purchase.

Okay.. your mind is spinning.. Cost.. what about the cost of all those stamps.. Training employees to fill out those dang forms and clip the right bar code..
You don’t think I would happily pay a $1 “processing fee” to have your employee ink the form and tell me where to sign? So I could INSTANTLY have my savings applied?
Shoot, I’d not only pay the dollar, I’d be so tickled that I’d tell all my friends. Ever hear of Twitter?

And when the reporters hear about your new way of doing business.. your store’s name is going to be mentioned on the 5 O’clock News, the 6 O’clock News, 10 O’clock News, and the 11 O’clock News — eventually there’ll be a slow news day, and Good Morning America will mention you.
You have be the first, though, so act now.

You see, we consumers have learned that rebates are DESIGNED to thwart us mere mortals, and even if we remember to download, print, and fill out the form, clip the bar code, and provide our left thumb print, and actually mail the sucker.. we will wait weeks to find out we’ve been rejected for some barely ‘legitimate’ reason.

We’re onto the rebate scam and we don’t trust ’em like we used to. (We don’t trust them at all) But we love our discounts.. If you make it so that something is Free After __Sign Here__ – I’ll drive miles.

I didn’t go to Business School, so I haven’t presented my idea in the terms you’re used to, but.. this to me is a “no brainer”.

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