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How To Play Online At Work

cubicle Don Reisinger over at C/Net writes, “We all spend some of our time at work doing things that have nothing to do with our job. We surf the Web. We play games. Sure, we all need our downtime, and the enlightened manager knows that. But still, we’d rather just surf in private than deal with the raised eyebrows.

That’s why we need ways to ensure that when our boss surprises us or sneaks up behind us, she’ll think that we’re actually working.

Now, I hope you won’t think me too much of a curmudgeon, but…
* At a recent major IT “expo”, the keynote speaker kicked off the show by saying, “IT lost 100,000 jobs last month but..
* Far more companies are downsizing than are hiring, and there are now more job seekers-per-job-opening than ever before in history.
* You’re not twelve any more.
* No amount of camouflage or quick Alt-Tab-ing is going to fool your machine’s logs, or the corporate screen-capture “productivity” monitoring software.

However, if you want to see the latest Fool The Boss tools, click here. There’s some new ones on me.
(And.. here’s another thought; maybe your boss saw this article too..)

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  1. One more reason I don’t have a boss. Ha!


    Comment by Bill Mullins | April 18, 2009 | Reply

    • This topic caused me to think (ouch!)..
      I can see this issue from both sides — the business’s, who doesn’t want to pay people to play solitaire/”tweet” about inanities/run eBay auctions/etc.; and the employee’s.

      What kind of a boss would I be? Would I allow a certain degree of “personal time”? (some studies suggest this can actually make empoyees more productive.)
      And as an employee.. did I ever play solitaire? Maybe too much?

      Bottom line is — in most corporate environments, every second that the machine is on it’s being recorded, and the level of detail of that monitoring is astounding.


      Comment by techpaul | April 18, 2009 | Reply

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