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Using the Search feature

Recently a lot of people have tried asking me questions (at least, I think that’s what they were doing) by entering their question into my Search “widget”. That will not work! The Search feature works like a typical search engine, with the codicil that it looks through this website only. This is a common website feature, so…

Like all search engines, it looks for matching words (or, strings of words) and so it is a very handy tool for looking for answers I have already posted (650 articles so far.)

For instance, if you want to find out what I’ve written about antivirus products, enter “antivirus” into the little Search window and hit Enter. Your page will reload, and all the articles which contain the word “antivirus” will appear, with the most recently published on top.

If you have an article topic specific question, you can post it as a Comment. At the bottom of each article there is a blue-text link that says “Comments” (or, “No Comments” if no one has post any yet). Click on this link, and a Submit Comment window will open, and you can type your question there. The form asks for some of your details, such as your email address, but I have set things so that you can leave these blank if you prefer, and still post your comment/question.
But keep in mind that the whole world can see your “Comment”… (not that they will…)
Also, Dear Reader, you may find some additional answers, or further discussion of the topic, in the “Comments”, so take a look at them too.

But if you have a general question or topic idea, or simply would like to write to me directly in a more private forum, the best way is to send me an email. The address here is: tech4everyone(at)
Believe it or not, I do reply, and your question just may find its way into an article if I believe it is a question whose answer can benefit “everyone”.

Tip of the day: Some of you may have gotten into the habit of occasionally removing your laptop’s battery and letting it drain completely. This was good practice, but that is no longer the case if your laptop (or replacement battery) is the newer Lithium Ion (LION) type. If your battery is a LION, it will do much better if constantly charged– leave it alone.

Today’s free link: (A Reader’s Comment reminded me of this site.) Hip. Cool. And a “visit daily” website, a “must” for those of you who appreciate a super-bargain, check out Woot. It will make you smile, even when the featured bargain doesn’t interest you.

Today’s free download: MS Word didn’t have the ability to create the document as a PDF prior to the release of Office 2007. For those of you looking for this ability, and you’re using an older Office version, you don’t have to pay for Acrobat. Download the free PrimoPDF.

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May 19, 2009 - Posted by | tech

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