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I regret to inform you, Dear Reader, that old Tech Paul is suffering from brain ache (please make sympathetic noises here). Yes, it’s true. I believe that this is due to the fact that for some strange reason I have been thinking “deep thoughts” lately… and as you know, thinking is hard work.
It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have looked at the headlines.

Sometimes I think the world is changing and other times I think there’s nothing new under the sun. Dichotomies are confusing and confusion is tiring.

Technology is one area that dynamic change is sort of the status quo. Who can argue that the Internet has changed how we live? (Very intriguing read: The Internet devalues everything it touches . . .) Not me.
And Moore’s Law is still going strong.

But in a lot of ways, we are still waiting for technology to bring us that Big Thing. You know the one — limitless clean energy/no disease or famine/everyone living as brothers/”utopia”. If one does a little looking around, it can seem that the only Big Thing technology is bringing us is Big Brother.
I shouldn’t look at those headlines…

One doesn’t have to look far, or watch too long, to see that there are still oppressive governments, corrupt governments, famine, civil unrest, inexcusable poverty, police brutality, lunatic juries, religious strife, hate, Idiots In Charge (IIC), border wars, etc., ad nauseum, blah blah blah.
I shouldn’t look at those headlines…

I don’t know why I’ve been hit with a spell of deep thoughts thinking. Usually that happens to me in the cold gray days of Winter. It is NOT cold, nor gray, nor Winter. I should be thinking…
nice beach

… and about how much better life is today thanks to technology such as the Internet. After all, they say that the Internet is killing off the mainstream media and print is dead already. (see, The media is dead. Long live the media)
Which means I won’t even see those headlines…

But, my thinking has been so deep (how deep is it?) that I can see a huge flaw — can we be waiting for technology to change US? Someone (else) or something (else) will make it better?
How would that work?

I don’t know. Not knowing is uncomfortable for me.

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June 25, 2009 - Posted by | tech


  1. Did I attribute to this? I hope not it is disrupting your job or life!


    Comment by Kloplop321 | June 25, 2009 | Reply

    • Yes, Kloplop321, it’s all your fault. You owe me $1.99 for all the aspirin you made me take!

      Seriously now, I have no idea why I am thinking about such heavy topics as the Fate Of Mankind lately. It happens from time to time throughout my adult life, and now is just one of those times, I guess.


      Comment by techpaul | June 25, 2009 | Reply

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