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Google’s New "Gmail Tips" & “Voice”

Become a Gmail Ninja

Learn tips and tricks to save time, increase your productivity, and manage your email efficiently. Start with the tips that are right for you, based on how much email you get each day.

Folks, Google’s Gmail is simply the best webmail going, and it is free and open to all. Gmail has lots of storage, has the best spam filtering; and, you can “forward” your existing e-mail account(s) to it, and access them there (gaining additional spam filtering).

Don’t have a Gmail address yet? Click here and sign up. Already a Gmail user? Click one of the “belts” and test your savvy.. and pick up a few pointers too.

Today’s free link: People are talking about the new Google Voice for use with mobile phones. What is it? Google Voice: 5 Reasons to Use It, 5 Reasons to Think Twice

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