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Cybercriminals Target Clueless Vacationers

laptop_beach “This guy doesn’t know it, but he’s putty in the hands of cybercriminals. The newest trend in Internet fraud is “vacation hacking,” a sinister sort of tourist trap.

Cybercriminals are targeting travelers by creating phony Wi-Fi hot spots in airports, in hotels, and even aboard airliners.

Vacationers on their way to fun in the sun, or already there, think they’re using designated Wi-Fi access points. But instead, they’re signing on to fraudulent networks and hand-delivering everything on their laptops to the crooks*.”

Please click here to read the rest of this story, and find out what you need to know before you use public “hotspots”.

* emphasis mine.

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  1. Duh, anything being transmitted over the air waves is subject to interception.
    It is no different than using a cell phone, CB radio, police radio.
    Anyone that has the proper receiver can intercept your transmissions!!

    Well a smart guy once said, You just can’t fix ‘Stupid’!


    Comment by pobept | July 20, 2009 | Reply

    • pobept.
      Yes, there is nothing new in this “news” story at all.

      It is surprising to me how many are unaware of how easy it is to be a “rogue” access point, or have not heard of/thought about a “man-in-the-middle”, but the “average computer user” really is not interested it seems..


      Comment by techpaul | July 20, 2009 | Reply

  2. […] Tech-for Everyone Cybercriminals Target Clueless Vacationers […]


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