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Is That A Terabyte In Your Pocket (PC)?

hard-drive From C/Net: “The storage-capacity gap between laptop and desktop hard drives just shrank significantly. Western Digital announced Monday two laptop drives that offer “extreme” amounts of storage– the Scorpio Blue 1TB and the Scorpio Blue 750 GB.

Prior to this announcement, the largest laptop hard drive available was 500 GB.”

(To read more about this development, and see the spec’s, please click here.)

I have mentioned Moore’s Law to my readers on several occasions, and this is another example. A terabyte in a laptop? Wow. But then, the same size drive that used to hold 4.3 GB’s now holds two terabytes..

I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a prediction (always a stupid thing to do!): that we’ve reached the end-of-life-cycle for these mechanical drives — with their motors and read/write arms — and that flash memory “solid state” drives will be the future standard.

… few more days of ‘vacation mode’ left…

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[addenda: For those of you how might care about such a thing, Western Digital is my preferred brand for hard-drives (HDD’s) .]

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