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Greeting From Miss Joy

…Because of my uncles wicked attitude…

Greeting From Miss Joy

Dearest one,

May the grace and peace of our good Lord be multiplied unto you, I know that this my mail might be a surprise to you but never mind because i am contacting you in good faith, However accept my sincere apologies if it doesn’t meet your personal ethics, I am Miss Joy Kone, from Sierra Leone, the only Daughter of my parents late Mr. and Mrs. Zokora Kone, who used to be a major dealer in gem-quality diamonds and also a politician.

I was born out of tragic fate, my mother died of cancer when I was only four years old and I was brought up with great care and love by my father before he met his own untimely death on his way back from a business trip abroad. When he actually arrived at the airport, his driver when to pick him and on their way home they had a fatal accident which killed his driver at the spot while my father spent three days in the hospital before he gave up the ghost and after his burial, my uncle seized all my father’s properties and investments because of our traditional believe that I as a lady has no part in the family inheritance since I am supposed to eventually get married and leave the home. It was really hard on me as I had nothing to get on because of my uncles wicked  attitude.

However, my father told me an important secret while on his dying bed that he deposited the sum of Seven million, Five hundred thousand US Dollars ($7.5M) in a Finance House, and also directed me to the documents of the ownership of the fund and My uncle has no knowledge whatsoever about this and he has long relocated abroad with his children at the heat of the Sierra Leona an war.  I’ll give you the Finance House details when I’ve heard from you and more trust develops and I live in a missionary home in Dakar at present because of my uncle, however there has been political instability and disturbances here as well in resent times in the country  hence I want to transfer the fund abroad  to an enabling and stable environment where this money will be use for investment and profitable venture.  I’ll need a foreign account and  reliable  partner who might as well guide me in investing to do so and I want you to help me in these regard.

I’ll give you 30%   of the money if you will offer me the neccessary assistance in good faith and Your interest and willingness to help me will in no small measure be a big relief to me in this time of need. I want to hear from you, please kindly forward your full contact details to me on your respond to enable me use it write and submit an application letter of claim/ nomination to the finance house and introduce you as my foreign partner or representative.
(1) Full Name,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
(2) Home Address,,,,,,,,,,,,
(3) Country,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
(4) Age And Occupation,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
(5) Phone Number And Fax,,,,,,,,,,,,
I will be waiting from your reply soonest and please get back to me through my private email //


Miss. Joy Kone.

I think I will “but never mind because i am contacting you in good faith” this time because I am a fan of bold text in my e-mails.

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