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Quick Tip: How To Change Window Size

Changing the size of a window

Adjusting the size and shape of a window (or windows) allows for greater flexibility when working on a computer, as well as making it easier to “drag and drop” something from one location to another. I frequently adjust my windows so that they are side-by-side.

window_control To get started, look to the upper right corner of any open window. There you’ll see three familiar buttons – minimize (to the Taskbar), Maximize (sometimes confused with “open”), and Close and Exit (red X).

• To make a window fill the entire screen, click its Maximize button maximize button or double-click the window’s title bar.

• To return a maximized window to its former size, click its Restore button restore window button (this appears in place of the Maximize button). Or, double-click the window’s title bar.

• To resize a window (make it smaller or bigger), move your cursor to point to any of the window’s borders or corners. When the mouse pointer changes to a two-headed arrow (see picture below), drag the border or corner to shrink or enlarge the window.

resizing a window

Drag a window’s border or corner to resize it

A window that is maximized cannot be resized. You must restore it to its previous size first.

Note: Although most windows can be maximized and resized, there are some windows that are fixed in size, such as dialog boxes.

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Today’s free link(s): Widespread Harassment from Phony Debt Collectors Raises Concerns of Mass Data Breach

Scammers have Social Security and bank account numbers, home addresses and employer information

Arlington, VA – August 3, 2009Better Business Bureau is issuing a national alert today about phony debt collectors that are calling consumers nationwide and claiming that they have defaulted on a payday loan and will be arrested if they don’t pay immediately. Claiming to be lawyers, the scammers say they are with the “Financial Accountability Association” or the “Federal Legislation of Unsecured Loans” and are equipped with a disconcerting amount of personal information about their potential victims.

(I became aware of this item on Bill Mullins’ Daily Net News, which I read everyday as part of my morning routine.)

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