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Easy To Learn Computer and Internet Security

Easy To Learn Computer and Internet Security

juggling Folks, ‘ole Tech Paul has been swamped, and I didn’t even get a chance to paste up a reposting yesterday (sorry) and I don’t know if I will get a chance to write today… so in the meantime, I would like to refer you to an article worthy of your attention..

If you are a computer user that is trying to make sense of it all when it comes to computer and Internet security; AND what you need to do to protect yourself, then check out OnGuard Online. Part of the fight against Internet crimes is educating ourselves and OnGuard Online is a great starting point.” Please read the rest – and watch the sample video – at Easily Learn About Computer and Internet Security

[addenda: Also, Bill Mullins has just put up some simply great Guest Writers articles – including one from yours truly – on his site (as well as his “must read” Net News Daily‘s). Please click here and visit.]

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