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Search terms of note

It is already clear to me that my day is going to be as action packed as a Bruce Willis movie and so I don’t have time to craft a normal Tips & Tricks article today.

In fact I wasn’t even going to put this up, until I logged into my Command Central control console to look over what has happened here since I last checked… maybe I had some comments to answer? And, I wanted to check my “stats”.

My statistics are fairly informative (see, Nobody reads me on Saturdays) and can be interesting — particularly the “search terms” people use to find my site. One such search term (entered twice) demanded my immediate reaction…
search terms

So, whoever you are who entered “electrical outlet and bath tub”, today’s article is for you.

Do not do it! This is a very, very bad idea. Shockingly bad. (Sorry folks, couldn’t resist.)

September 2, 2009 Posted by | advice | 4 Comments