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Wednesday and A Quick "Must Read"

As life sometimes does, I have had more things to tackle than I have had hours, and so I did not get an article posted yesterday. And I will not have time to craft one for today.

But fear not, as Bill Mullins (2009 winner of the Friend Of The Internet Surfer Award) has posted a timely article that I consider a “must read” if you surf the Internet (and.. you’re looking at this, so…)

“Dirty Dancing star Patrick Swayze, as most people are now aware, passed away several days ago, and it hasn’t taken long for cyber crooks to use this to advantage. Cybercriminals have jumped on this information, and are already exploiting this sad event.”

Please see, Patrick Swayze’s Death – An Opportunity For Hackers, and please, also watch the short video tutorial. And then show it to your friends and family. (After all, ID Theft is up 200% from a year ago…)

While you’re there, you may want to take a look at his Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – September 16, 2009. There is an eye-opening piece on a criminal and an ATM “skimmer” device…

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