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Internet Withdrawal

I will give the utility company credit. They worked all night trying to restore our power… And there’s seven trucks out there now… I have power again, as they parked a big generator truck…pge_crew
But in their digging, they cut everyone’s phone lines.

So.. once again I had to go mobile to gain Internet access.

So.. once again I was reminded of how dependent on the Internet I have become. I actually had to dig deep into my memory, and recall that there is such a thing as a phone book. I can’t remember the last time I held the phonebook in my hands…

And to everyone I know who’s expecting a timely reply to your e-mail — well, I will try to get back to you soon.

And my business is closed for the duration, too.

There has been much hullabaloo and ‘scholarly opinions’ over this thing they’re trying to invent (and profit from) called “Internet Addiction”, and articles abound. Even I have written one or two. But there’s no denying that electricity, computers, and the Internet have become thoroughly integrated into my life, and when cutoff from them, it’s quite discombobulating, and stressful. A large part of my income is earned via performing my service over the Internet.

So I’ve been “hooked”, and become “dependant”.. which fits some of the tests for addiction.

And since I don’t feel comfortable feeling “withdrawal”, I’m seriously looking at the best way to obtain some redundancy, so I don’t have to experience jonesing ever again (nor “business interruption”).. And I wonder why I waited so long to do so. Sometimes.. I need a spur, I guess.

[update: 5pm. A big “Thank you!” to the repair crews of PG&E and AT&T. What looked like a “several day job” was accomplished in less than 24 hours. You folks get a big tip of my hat, my respect, and my gratitude. If it was up to me, you get a nice big raise, too.]

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October 1, 2009 - Posted by | Internet, tech

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