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The Next Generation Of Mouse

The Next Computer Mouse *May* Use “Touch” Technology

Well folks, it’s good to be back after WordPress “had some issues” (the first real problem in over 2 years).. Today, I am going to post a video which was brought to my attention by an alert reader. I found it quite interesting as the PC mouse has not changed much in decades, and one doesn’t think of “mouse” when they think of “revolutionary”.. at least, I didn’t.

The video features 5 prototype mice being developed at Microsoft Research; and it gives us a possible glimpse into the future — a future with no ‘clicking’ apparently. The mice are being used to determine how to best bring Touch Technology to us “average computer users”.. as some of us are going to resist the idea of touching our PC monitors (me, for one).

“Touch” (aka “Multi-touch”) technologies are all the rage, letting people use multiple fingers to zoom, pinch and manipulate objects on screen in everything from the iPhone to Microsofts upcoming Windows 7.

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