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IE 8 – Protecting Your Privacy Online

Do you surf the Internet? Do you use Internet Explorer? According to the statistics, the odds are pretty good that you will answer “yes” and “yes”. The latest Internet Explorer, IE 8, has a feature I like very much, and I think everyone who surfs the net should be aware of — it’s called “InPrivate” filtering. IE_logo

InPrivate helps protect your privacy by monitoring 3rd party content (read, advertisers) on the websites you visit, and helps you stop them from tracking you. My only complaint is it must be “enabled” each time you start IE, when IMHO it should be on by default! Please visit the InPrivate FAQ to learn more about this important feature. (or, How do I turn on InPrivate Browsing?)

I have written many articles containing advice and tips for getting the most out of Internet Explorer, and how to troubleshoot ‘glitches’ when they occur, and I have listed links to my more popular tips below. I invite you to scan the topic titles, and see if any catch your eye.
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