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Firefox – Protecting Your Privacy Online

Yesterday I wrote an article telling you about Internet Explorer 8 and it’s InPrivate feature, which helps you protect your privacy (see, IE 8 – Protecting Your Privacy Online). It is only fitting and proper that I point out that Mozilla’s Firefox Web browser has a similar “privacy mode”.

FF_logo_smFirefox 3.5’s privacy mode allows you to browse the Internet without Firefox retaining any of data about which sites and pages  you have visited — aka your “browsing History. To turn it on, simply:

1) Click on “Tools”, and then “Options”.
2) Click on the Privacy tab and place a check in the “Automatically start..” checkbox.

3) Click on “OK”.

But to really protect your privacy online, you want stop websites and advertisers from tracking your online behavior — which they do mainly through the use of “cookies”. Firefox has several plug-in tools for doing this (called “Add ons”) which makes it my top choice of browsers.

Mozilla has assembled a very nice page – a collection of security Add ons that I highly reco’ you take advantage of. (That page is here.) Be sure to scroll down a bit too, to see the more complete list.

Tech Paul’s Recommended Add ons: I always add the following plug-in Add ons to every installation of Firefox I set up. (On the page mentioned above, you will see all but one. So I made the Flashblock ‘click-able’)
* NoScript
* AdBlock Plus
* Flashblock
* BetterPrivacy

I also take advantage of other Firefox Add ons (there’s a billion to choose from) but those are my ‘stock’, must-haves. Be safer, and foil the snoops online; arm your copy of Firefox with these features too.

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