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Google Gives Away Great Software

Top rated Anti-spyware Program Is Available From Google

One of this site’s more popular items is the Today’s free download link I post at the end of most articles. People like downloads.

Today I want to tell you about a “package” of downloads put together by Google. This “pack” of download includes some of the programs I have featured in my “Today’s free download”, and a couple that I haven’t yet.

The one (included) program that triggered me to write today’s article is Spyware Doctor. Spyware Doctor is a for-pay anti-spyware tool that has consistently ranked number 1, or number 2, on the Best Anti-Spyware lists. The full version is well-worth the $30 price, IMHO. (The full version includes antivirus.)

The Google Pack includes an effective, though non-AV, version of Spyware Doctor, (free!) as well as an impressive list of other applications.

The truly great features of the Google Pack is that you can pick-and-choose which of these programs to download to your machine. (You could, conceivably, download a “pack” of one.) The default selections are shown here, but I would do a little checking and unchecking before I clicked the “Download Google Pack” button.

First, uncheck the “make Google my Homepage” as you probably have already set your desired “Home” for your browser. Also, uncheck the box for Adobe Reader. If you must have a “reader” to open PDF files, use any other free reader (unless you enjoy being hassled while you compute, and prefer a slow boot, and having a security risk onboard), such as Foxit Reader. Do not check Real Player.
You probably don’t need another toolbar.. (see, Toolbar madness)

Those of you who are security conscious (hopefully all of you) should keep the checks in Norton Security Inspector (which includes antivirus and anti-spyware detection) and Spyware Doctor.

I have mentioned the others here before — except for Google Talk, which is Google’s Instant Messaging app, and Google Photos Screensaver. Those of you who want to take advantage of this unique download bundle (excuse me, “pack”) offered by Google, click here.

Today’s free download: (Yes. Another one!) Whenever you buy a new computer, it will come preloaded with all sorts of trialware (as it’s called) that most of us don’t want. If you have just purchased a new PC, download and run the wonderful PC Decrapifier and clean off that *stuff*.

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