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Apple’s New MagicMouse

The Next Generation Of Mouse Is Here

The new “Touch” (aka “Multi-touch”) technologies are all the rage, letting people use multiple fingers to zoom, pinch and manipulate objects on their computer screen.

About a week or so ago, an alert reader sent me a heads up on recent developments in Multi-touch technology, and how Microsoft had several prototype Multi-touch mouse designs in development. I posted an article on this, which included a video, so you could see how a multi-touch mouse might work (see, The Next Generation Of Mouse).

But clearly the fact that I deal primarily with Windows computers was showing, as Apple has a multi-touch mouse out already — called the MagicMouse ($69) and I must say, it is very “kewel”. This video shows it in operation…

I believe it safe to say that this is the future of mice…and Mac users needn’t wait to get the latest thing in PC peripherals and cool gadgets — it’s here now.

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