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Safest Web Browser – IE8

Internet Explorer 8 Tops Safety Testing Test

The primary way cyber-criminals do their dirty deeds — steal our identities, mail out huge batches of spam, plant malware infections, commit fraud, and disrupt business — is via the Internet. They “poison” websites with scripts that attack our machines. They send us infected attachments. They Instant Message us links to malware serving webpages.. etc., etc..

You, as a Internet surfer, need to be aware of these dangers and take proper precautions — which I have discussed here many times (Click here to read previous articles). One major security measure you can (read “should”) take is to use the latest version of a secure web browser.. but which one is the most secure?

NSS Labs performs recurring, standardized testing of web browser security. This includes rating protection against socially engineered malware and phishing attacks. The results are based upon empirically validated evidence gathered by NSS Labs during continuous 24×7 testing against fresh, live malicious sites.”

Q3 Browser Security results chart

As you can see, a default IE 8 scored more than twice as well as a default Firefox 3. If you are a Firefox user, please see 10 Firefox extensions that enhance security.
Internet Explorer users should be concerned by the fact that nearly 20% of crimeware samples were effective, and consider installing SpywareBlaster and an anti-phishing enhancement such as Link Scanner Lite, McAfee’s Site Advisor and/or the excellent WOT.

Here is the link to the NSS report: Q3 2009 Socially Engineered Malware and Phishing Test Report Summary

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  1. If you are interested in learning more about some of the better alternatives browsers out there (NOT Opera or Safari etc.) then you might want to check out this post detailing 7 of the better browsers available for free on the internet:


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