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Tech Tip for Travelers

Make Your Movies More Portable

Tis the season for traveling to be with friends and family, and you (may) want to bring some entertainment with you (namely, movies) to help reduce the aggravation of the actual traveling. If you are going to be a “holiday traveler” this year, today’s quick tip is for you.


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Tip of the day: The energy required to spin the disc, and power the laser beam inside your DVD (or Blu Ray) drive is hard on your laptop’s battery, and can drain the charge rather quickly… maybe before the movie you are watching ends.

The solution is to “rip” (geek-speak for “copy”) your movie DVD to a file, and keep that file on your hard drive, or on a thumb drive. Then later, when you are traveling, playing the file (watching the movie) this way is less work for your computer and your battery will last longer. Kind of a “must” for those long flights (and.. delays) when access to a power outlet is not convenient.

Today’s free download(s):
For simple, one-click “rips” of your DVD movies, bitRipper is hard to beat. It was a for-pay utility, and now is available for free.

And for those of you who want to watch your movies on an iDevice, HandBrake is a highly recommended Open Source tool to consider. It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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