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Laptop Batteries – Quick Tip

Tip of the day: Some of you may have gotten into the habit of occasionally removing your laptop’s battery and letting it drain completely. This was good practice, but that is no longer the case if your laptop (or replacement battery) is the newer Lithium Ion (LION) type. If your battery is a LION, it will do much better if constantly charged– leave it alone.
(Consult the documentation for your particular make/model to find the battery type.)

Today’s free link: (A Reader’s Comment reminded me of this site.) Hip. Cool. And a “visit daily” website, a “must” for those of you who appreciate a super-bargain, check out Woot. It will make you smile, even when the featured bargain doesn’t interest you.

Today’s free download: MS Word didn’t have the ability to create your documents as a PDF prior to the release of Office 2007. For those of you looking for this ability, or/and you’re using an older Office version, you can download the free PrimoPDF.

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