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How to Avoid Facebook and Twitter Disasters

Take Some Practical Steps To Control What Others See About You

Folks, today I want to refer you to a well-written, entertaining, and informative article which gives you a wonderful introduction to the etiquette of, and is a great How To on, the ‘smart’ use of social networking.seasons greetings

“…we’ve outlined here a handful of common disastrous scenarios in which one (or both) of these social networks was misused, as well as the best way to prevent or remedy the problem. But in the end you’ll find that the fundamental lesson is invariably the same, and that’s to remember the golden rule of all social networks: Never forget that the whole world is watching…

To read the rest, please click here. (Even if you are not a “social networker”, you might enjoy this read..)

Facebook users should be aware of recent changes to the “settings” and privacy features. See, Five Facebook Privacy Issues You Should Know About

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  1. I did read it and the clueless people were funny


    Comment by bobc@t | December 28, 2009 | Reply

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