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The Last Day of 2009… And Some Safety Tips

I want to thank all of you, Dear Readers; for your questions, and comments, and for just stopping by. You made 2009 a phenomenal year for me and Tech – for Everyone. I hope I will see even more of you in the new year.

I am a safety & security-conscious sort, and so I would like to remind you that,  “New Year’s Eve is a night that is ripe for the occurrence of any untoward event. It should not only be left to the law to take care that nothing bad happens. There are a host of safety measures that people can take for their own good on the big night…” and I invite you to read Safety Tips for New Years Eve

The text (and article link) comes from a website I discovered while researching online safety tips. The site is called, and I was impressed by its list of categories. I am providing the direct links. Maybe one or two will catch your eye… I marked a couple, for you techy-types.
Safety Tips
Baby Safetyseasons greetings
Car Safety
Cell Phone Safety
Child Safety
Computer Safety <——–
Driving Safety
Electrical Safety
Fire Safety
Food Safety
Internet Safety <——–
Road Safety
Safety Glasses
School Safety
Water Safety
Workplace Safety
Children & Family Attractions & Entertainment
Children Sports
Children’s Art & Literature
Computers & Internet <——–
Events & Holidays
Kids News
Kids’ Health & Fitness Learning & Playing
People & Places
Philosophy Topics
Teenagers & Young Adults
Children & Family Articles

So please have a safe celebration, and allow me to wish you and yours a Happy New Year!

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