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Image On My Screen Is Upside-down. Help!

Accidental Click “Rotates” Screen Image 90 Degrees. Helpful Hubby Rotates It 90 More.

I don’t think you need to be any kind of computer genius to realize that you may have accidentally clicked something wrong, or pressed the wrong button, when suddenly your screen looks like this.

Which is what happened to a reader, which prompted them to write the following e-mail:

Paul, we’ve run up against a snarl with my wife’s computer. We hope you can help us get it straightened out. She was reading her e-mail this afternoon, and suddenly—-for no reason she is aware of—-the picture rotated 90 degrees to the right. Insane! We fiddled around with various approaches to get it back to normal. We clicked on an icon on the desktop, which brought up a set of options, which included 90 degrees, 180 degrees, and 270 degrees. These sub-windows and option bars kept disappearing on us, if we didn’t do something quickly enough, so I hastily clicked on 180 degrees.

Windows XP Desktop

Bad choice! Now everything is upside down. And I can’t remember what I did to get to that set of choices, except that it did not seem very likely, yet it worked—-that one time! It is just that I blew it by making the wrong choice. There was probably a choice called “normal” or something like that, which would have solved our problem. But, Can you suggest what would be the way that we could most likely get to work?

Solution: I suspect that an accidental click (probably) changed the monitor’s orientation from “landscape mode” (horizontal) to “portrait” (the original 90° rotation error).
1) Get into your Display Properties by right-clicking on a blank area of your Desktop.
A menu will open: click on “Display Options” or “Display settings” [note: each machine is a little different, and your menu may say “Graphics” instead of “Display”.]


2) Look for the setting (aka “option”) labeled Rotation, and set it back to 0°.

3) Click on the Apply button, and then on OK.

That’s it. You should be back to normal.

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